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Check the above link and download the driver to install in your device. How to recover your data from your device? Bulk SMS Free Please let me know if you face any problem while downloading.Kiel’s new trolley system has been launched by the new state governor, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff. The new fleet of trolleys will make the journey from the city centre to the port quicker and easier. Currently, residents of Kiel have to go to the port area by car or take the train to Harburg station. The new trolley system, known as Kiel-City is on the way to the city centre, to the port, and to the quarters of the shipyard. The last tram is scheduled to begin its operation in summer 2009. At the beginning of this year, all the members of the city council had already given their approval to the new system. The trolleyway system is an extension of the tram lines that already cover most of the city. In addition, it will also be linked to the Ring-Lambsdorff-Trolley System, which is another tram line from the former US air base to the city centre. The link to the Ring is planned for autumn 2009. The distance is about three kilometres. The new trolley system will consist of six lines and is expected to be completed in summer 2009. The first trolley line from the city centre to the port will be opened at the beginning of spring 2009. The new system is also suitable for disabled passengers. Share this: Tweet Hello all, We recently made some changes to our "Calendar of Events" feature. You may have noticed a drop in the number of invitations to various events on the calendar. This is because there are more "events" than "placeholders" for them in our database. We changed this so that when you click on a "placeholder" for an event, it will take you to the full report for that event. The following events have placeholders in our system. If you are unable to find the event you wish to attend, you can click on the placeholder. This will take you to the full report of the event. ============================================================================== Wednesday, September 27 Martinez Island - Wappingers Falls, NY - Shauna Tuesday

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